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1. Registration Number:   SR-127-290
Title:   From Phoenix to flame / [performed by] aWithout Form.
Description:   1 sound cassette.
Claimant:   (c) (p) Markus Richard Diersboeck
Name in © Notice:   notice: Wallflower Records
Created:   1990
Published:   8Feb90
Registered:   14Dec90
Author on © Application:   words, performance, recording: Markus Richard Diersboeck, Shaun Thomas Moore; music, performance, recording: James Eric Blackburn and Steven Raymond Gott; music: Howard Peary Anderson.
Special Codes:  37/N

2. Registration Number:   SRu-130-101
Title:   Ending inner pain.
Description:   sound cassette.
Note:   Cataloged from appl.
Claimant:   (c) (p) Markus Richard Diersbock
Created:   1987
Registered:   8Dec87
Author on © Application:   words, music, performance, sound recording: Mark Richard Diersbock & Matt Caezar D'Urso a.k.a. Without Forum; music, performance, sound recording: Steve Raymond Gott a.k.a. Without Forum.
Miscellaneous:   C.O. corres.
Special Codes:  37/N
Cross Reference:   acMark Richard Diersbock. SEE Markus Richard Diersbock , 1968-

3. Registration Number:   TX-4-877-124
Title:   IDROP.
Description:   Computer program.
Note:   Printout only deposited.
Claimant:   acMarkus Richard Diersbock , 1968-
Created:   1998
Published:   15Jun98
Registered:   25Sep98
Author on © Application:   Markus Diersbock.
Special Codes:  1/C/D

4. Registration Number:   TX-5-460-895
Title:   Words under red.
Description:   6 p.
Claimant:   acMarkus Diersbock , 1968-
Created:   2001
Published:   25Feb01
Registered:   9Oct01
Title on © Application:   Words.
Special Codes:  1/B

5. Registration Number:   VAu-430-560
Title:   Chipp.
Description:   Cartoon drawing.
Claimant:   acMarkus Richard Diersbock , 1968-
Created:   1998
Registered:   27Mar98
Previous Related Version:   Preexisting material: rough sketch.
Claim Limit:   NEW MATTER: detailed drawing.
Special Codes:  5/S

6. Registration Number:   VAu-545-578
Title:   Bugsy.
Description:   Cartoon drawing.
Note:   From The bug in the bottle.
Claimant:   acMarkus Richard Diersbock , 1968-
Created:   2001
Registered:   28May02
Special Codes:  5/S

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