DiveQuest March 2008

Markus Diersbock - Diving Close

Markus Diersbock - Aquarium Windows

Markus Diersbock - Dive Down

Markus Diersbock - Flapping on the Left

Markus Diersbock - Close Side

Markus Diersbock - Jaws Encounter

Markus Diersbock - On the Bottom

Markus Diersbock - Markus and Kelly at Window
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Experience: The tank (5.7m gallons) was a lot bigger underwater than it seems
from the windows looking in. The water was very clear,
and about 74F. The fish are more concentrated than
diving in the ocean.

Over 2 days I did 3 dives, and the 40mins per dive seemed a
lot longer, they didn't rush you at all.

On the 3rd dive, I didn't have a buddy so the divemaster took me into
the huge faux mountain near the restaurant windows. It was like being
inside a tall mineshaft. Since we had no octos on our bcs, I swam on
the side the divemaster's pony was -- it was a bit scary being inside
the "cave" especially seeing our bubbles trapped in the ceiling, but
we didn't stay too long.

The sharks and rays weren't really that interested in us, and came in only
about 5ft, however the sea turtles actively sought us out, and one tiny
little black fish kept biting my leg over and over again near the dive bell.

Want to dive there again.

Dive Time: 40min/per

Cost: $140.00/per

Requirement: Certification (Must show your C-Card)

Extra: They video your dive and edit to dvd.

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Aquariums I want to try:

Maui Ocean Center - They have Tigers and Hammerheads.

Georgia Aquarium - They have Whale Sharks.

Planned Trips:
St. Maarten